November 15, 2013

Our year-around social groups.

“Chargers” Duffy Club: If you are a Duffy owner, join the Chargers to participate in appox 4 Duffy events per year. They’re fun, they’re social, and they’re the reason why you got a Duffy, right? Contact Patty Civalleri here.


Bunco Night! 2nd Tuesday evening each month. Spinnaker Bay Ladies: this event has proven to be a huge success! If you are interested in being put on our Bunco List as a ‘Substitute/stand-in’, ask Patty Civalleri to put you on the list.  P.S. Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!   😎 


Gentlemens’ Cigar Club: 3rd Thursday evening each month
Our ladies have Bunco. But WE have our own social group where we can enjoy some of the finer things in life such as a good cigar and good conversation with our friends & neighbors. Contact John Rudy to join this group.



Have we left your fun group or activity out? Please contact Patty Civalleri here and he’ll help you to promote it to our neighbors here.


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