March 29, 2019


I have received an inordinate number of emails regarding Pets in our neighborhood. But not just our neighborhood. Incidents have been reported outside of our neighborhood in places where we enjoy walking.

The problem with letting our pets off their leashes is simply that we don’t really understand what is in their heads, what their triggers are. “Our little Muffie is such a warm and cuddly little thing, but once in a blue moon, something will trigger her, and she will blast off into a rampage,” said one neighbor.

What could trigger a dog? The most common trigger for dogs are smells. Not necessarily the ones that we notice, but their little noses are far more powerful than ours. They can smell something coming from a couple of blocks away. And of the thousands of aromas that waft through the air can be an unexpected trigger for Muffie.

What if your body soap is the trigger for an unleashed dog? Or your shampoo? Or the smell of your cat or guinea pig on your skin or clothes? Or the flowers you got for your birthday on your hands?

Leashing your dog isn’t just about your dog. It’s also about your neighbors, and the courtesies we all practice to live in the same area and get along peacefully with each other.

Then there’s that dreaded POOP issue. Have you ever inadvertently stepped in dog poop?!? Well, I have, and I tracked it into my car, which stunk for a week! Boy was I mad. But most of us do pick up our dog’s ‘stuff.’ It’s really pretty easy. With bag containers that hang off the leash, and trash cans seemingly everywhere, picking up after your pet is as easy as…

And if your dog pooped while leashed, you’ll be able to control where he/she poops, to make it easier for you to pick up.

We are a dog-friendly neighborhood, but it will probably only remain that way as long as we are all friendly (and polite) dog owners.

Thanks for listening.