December 14, 2018


The year’s highest tides, known as “king tides,” will hit California shorelines December 22 & 23 and again January 20 & 21, providing a glimpse of what we expect as sea levels continue to rise.

The public can contribute to the California King Tides Project, an important citizen science initiative to help California communities prepare for an uncertain future, by first visiting The project asks Californians to observe the ultra-high tides and share their photographs in order to illustrate how homes, harbors, beaches, wetlands, seawalls, and public access to the coast are affected and will continue to be affected by sea level rise. The images shared by the public are used by State and local officials as well as climate change researchers to validate sea level rise models and better assess local flood vulnerabilities. Understanding the impacts of sea level rise is essential to finding the best way forward that balances all interests.

Engage on social media: facebook: cakingtides ● twitter: CA_king_tides ● instagram: ca_king_tides #kingtides

Visit for a calendar of local King Tides events and a map of tide times throughout the season, and learn how to submit your king tides photos.

Review the California Coastal Commission’s draft Residential Sea Level Rise Adaptation Policy Guidance at
Read the 2018 update of the California Ocean Protection Council’s State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance
California State Parks will broadcast live on the morning of January 21 to explore King Tides from a number of different state parks along California’s coast. Tune in to the webcast on the California State Parks Facebook page.