November 15, 2018

Holiday Lights

Our Lighting of the Holiday Lights will be next week, Wednesday November 21. Arrive at the large Greenbelt (between Empire Landing & Blue Cavern) to enjoy a holiday visit with your neighbors. The countdown and lighting will commence at 6:00pm.

A special THANK YOU to all those that got up early to help with the stringing of the lights last week. We couldn’t do it without your help, and we all seem to love the social side of working on a neighborhood-wide project together. So thank you so much for your neighborly help.

A Note in Advance: right after the New Year, we will assemble again to take the lights down. This is just as much fun as putting them up. So please come out and help; the more people we have, the faster it goes. And we’ll have hot coffee waiting for you when you get there!

Happy Holidays, everyone!