October 2, 2019

Going Postal

The retirement of our Post Lady has brought up an interesting situation. A new person is now delivering our mail. Has this changed the way we communicate in our neighborhood? You bet it has!

Whenever we have neighborhood-wide events or announcements, we have typically printed up a bunch of flyers and distributed them to our Spinnaker Bay mail boxers. No problem, right?

Just so you know, our new Postal Delivery guy doesn’t like it, and won’t put up with it. “You are breaking Federal Laws by doing this, and you are taking away from my paycheck.” I’m not sure how this takes away from his paycheck in any way, because our alternatives are to

  • A. attach the flyers to our doorknobs or under door mats
  • B. use the internet (via this website) to communicate neighborhood-wide

In either case, I’m not sure how this affects his paycheck. Anyway, while delivering the mail the other day, he proceeded to remove all of the flyers that we had distributed the previous evening and confiscated them. Before leaving, he warned that if this practice keeps up, he would report us to the authorities.

Well, fellow Spinnaker Bay residents, we will consider ourselves forewarned.


Unless anyone has a better idea, let’s use the Spinnaker Chat feature of this website to communicate on neighborhood-wide events. When you get into the Spinnaker Chat forum, be sure to check the option that says “SUBRCRIBE TO THIS FORUM” so you don’t miss out when someone brings up a new topic.