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October 25, 2019

Evening at the Races

Join us for our 7th Annual Evening at the Races.
This is one of the most fun evenings we have with our neighbors. If you haven’t done this yet, please fill out the reservation form and get turn it in to Dave Bubar (Parsons Landing) as soon as possible. This event fills up fast!

Print this page or CLICK HERE to download the form.
And we’ll see you at the races!!

October 8, 2019

SB Holiday Lights Setup

It’s that time of year again to bring the Festive Look to our Spinnaker Bay. And we need your help to set string them around the neighborhood. This is one of our most fun neighborhood ‘bonding’ activities. Continental Breakfast and a Deli Lunch will be provided for the helpers.

What: Holiday Light-Stringing Party
When: Sat Nov 2nd, 8:30am
Where: Meet at the Greenbelt between Descanso & Long Point
Bring: Garden Gloves and snips to cut the ties as you go
Duration: Approx 3 hours

PRINT THIS FORM and submit to Dave Bubar by Oct 25.

The Lights will go on Wed Nov 27th at 6:00pm. Meet early in the large GreenBelt between Empire & Blue Cavern to celebrate our official start to the Holidays with your neighbors.

October 2, 2019

Duffy Mystery Cruise

Our Duffy folks are at it again. This time, it’s our October annual Mystery Cruise! Print the attached flyer to RSVP by Wed Oct 9th to get a $5 discount for everyone in your Duffy.

What: Duffy Mystery Cruise
When: Sunday Oct 6th, at 4:30pm
Price: $40pp ($5 discount if you rsvp by Wed 9th)
Includes: Bellinis for you & your crew; On-the-Water Trivia game; on-the-water mystery hunt; full-course dinner at Picarelli’s, prizes for a few winners!
RSVP: Definitely YES! See the flyer below for details OR CLICK HERE.

If you don’t have a boat, let us know and we’ll try to match you up with someone that has room in their boat.

See you on the water, neighbors!

October 2, 2019

Going Postal

The retirement of our Post Lady has brought up an interesting situation. A new person is now delivering our mail. Has this changed the way we communicate in our neighborhood? You bet it has!

August 7, 2019


Our Duffy crew (the Alamitos Bay Chargers) have been busy creating new events for us to enjoy. Mark your calendar, because Bocce Ball is Back in Spinnaker Bay! Bocce Ball was very popular in our neighborhood for many years, but we lost our organizers. So the Duffy folks are bringing it back, and EVERYONE is invited!

When: Sunday September 8th
Where: Spinnaker Bay Greenbelt (between Empire Landing & Blue Cavern)

1:00 pm Bellini Check-in
1:30 pm Tournament begins promptly
5:00 pm Dinner & Awards

We need Teams as well as the Audience. All are welcome.
Please Sign Up by Sept 1 – whether or not you’re a Player or a Spectator.

CLICK HERE to print the Flyer and Sign Up to Play and/or Attend.

Don’t forget to give special Kudos to our neighbors for putting this together for us: Whoohoo to Dave & Carmen Bubar, Randy & Linda Russell, John & Lisa Rudy, and Wendy & Craig Van Sickle!

August 7, 2019

Tell Us Stuff

Hi Spinnaker Bay, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I haven’t heard a peep from you. I’m back now, and I know we would all love to hear what’s happening in the neighborhood. It’s clear that the Duffy group has been active this year, but I’m sure that there’s more going on to SB than that. So let us know that you love the flowers on our greenbelts and that you are going crazy with all the neighborly construction, and that you plan to hold a great block party to celebrate the summer. Whatever it is, share with us. How are the Bunco gals doing? Are our Cigar Aficionados making new friends? Does anyone want to start a new neighborhood group? Have you seen any interesting animals in the hood? Do you have fun neighborhood photos to share? Are we all just getting so old that we just hope someone else will take care of things?

When you share, just remember: no politics (I know, I know, everyone feels that they don’t talk about politics, rather, they are talking common sense. Yah, yah, we’ve all heard it before.)

This is not a gripe forum. If you have a complaint, please frame it constructively, and suggest some friendly solutions.

I’m Patty Civalleri. And I want to hear from you. You’ll find my email address in the Directory. So write to me and let’s be neighbors!

Bitmoji Image

Yup, that’s me, waiting to hear from you!

March 29, 2019

DUFFY Chargers’ Opening Day

Sunday April 7

POKER RUN & Outdoor Italian Dinner

It’s time to uncover our little boats from their winter protection, charge ’em up, and come out to join your friends and neighbors for this super fun annual event.

You’ll begin at 2:00pm in the Jelly Fish Cove turning basin to pick up your map for the POKER RUN. Run around the Bay in your Boat searching for playing cards. When you are finished, park your boat, and come to the Spinnaker Bay Green Belt between Long Point & Empire Landing, and look for the table-cloth-covered tables. You’ll enjoy a great Italian Dinner, hosted by Gene Metzger and Linda Buras, and play a hand of Poker with the cards that you collected while in your Duffy. Winner will take home a pretty terrific prize!


If you haven’t signed up for this fun neighborhood event, please do so before April 1. And remember, you MUST be a member of the Duffy Club to join us for this fun activity. Please download, print, and send in your forms right away because the deadline is upon us.

Opening Day Event Flyer
Annual Dues Flyer

March 29, 2019

Pi & Opera in our ‘Hood’

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated ‘Pi Day.’ Not sure what that is? Well, since I come from a long line of nerds, this was a fun day to celebrate.

Pi, mathematically speaking, is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter, which always ends up being 3.14xxxxxxxx… So March 14 (3.14) is the perfect day to celebrate Pi day. Additionally, it happens to be the birthday of one of the smartest guys in history, Albert Einstein, who was born March 14, 1879.

Where does Opera fit into this?

Well, a bunch of SB neighbors decided to celebrate Pi Day at Pi-carelli’s restaurant. (Can you see why we made that choice?) And during our celebration dinner, Joe Picarelli brought over a fellow to sing us a song. And boy did he sing it!! He sang (acapella!) a beautiful Italian Opera piece that resonated throughout the whole restaurant.

Joe was so pleased by our positive reaction that he has invited this gentleman to come back to Picarelli’s this Saturday from 6-9pm to sing for us again.

If you have no plans this Saturday evening, head over to Joe’s and enjoy some Italian Opera with your glass of vino. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Ciao for now, Patty

P.S. Notice in the photo that Joe created some pizzas with the ‘Pi’ symbol made from pepperonis. And he did it just for our neighborhood. How cool is that? So join us next year as we again Pi Day together.

March 29, 2019


I have received an inordinate number of emails regarding Pets in our neighborhood. But not just our neighborhood. Incidents have been reported outside of our neighborhood in places where we enjoy walking.

The problem with letting our pets off their leashes is simply that we don’t really understand what is in their heads, what their triggers are. “Our little Muffie is such a warm and cuddly little thing, but once in a blue moon, something will trigger her, and she will blast off into a rampage,” said one neighbor.

What could trigger a dog? The most common trigger for dogs are smells. Not necessarily the ones that we notice, but their little noses are far more powerful than ours. They can smell something coming from a couple of blocks away. And of the thousands of aromas that waft through the air can be an unexpected trigger for Muffie.

What if your body soap is the trigger for an unleashed dog? Or your shampoo? Or the smell of your cat or guinea pig on your skin or clothes? Or the flowers you got for your birthday on your hands?

Leashing your dog isn’t just about your dog. It’s also about your neighbors, and the courtesies we all practice to live in the same area and get along peacefully with each other.

Then there’s that dreaded POOP issue. Have you ever inadvertently stepped in dog poop?!? Well, I have, and I tracked it into my car, which stunk for a week! Boy was I mad. But most of us do pick up our dog’s ‘stuff.’ It’s really pretty easy. With bag containers that hang off the leash, and trash cans seemingly everywhere, picking up after your pet is as easy as…

And if your dog pooped while leashed, you’ll be able to control where he/she poops, to make it easier for you to pick up.

We are a dog-friendly neighborhood, but it will probably only remain that way as long as we are all friendly (and polite) dog owners.

Thanks for listening.

March 1, 2019

A New Neighbor

It appears that a new neighbor has moved into Spinnaker Bay. Susan Rivard was walking down SB Drive and saw this beautiful young woman hanging out. Thank you for sharing, Susan!

By the way, if you have a new neighbor, please encourage them to contact me so I can put them on our SB Website list, and in the online directory.

Also, if you would like your photo to accompany your listing in the online directory, please email it to me along with your names, and I’ll be happy to add it for you.


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